356 Tub Club Logo Evolution
The logo was inspired by a real life experience.  We used to have a regular Wednesday night bull/tech/beer session at Zims.  One dark night, while on my way home thru the Trinity River bottoms, 6-volt sealed beams blazing away, the Cab and I encountered an armadillo crossing the road, in much the same way as illustrated in the logo.  Unfortunately for him, neither the Cab nor I was as adept at jumping as the illustration might suggest.  I still have a dent in my bumper and a rip in the "bra" from that incident......... Dave Butcher 


Dave Butcher

After a discussion at our 2012 Christmas/ Planning Party:

I scrounged thru my files today and found my "early Tub Club Stuff" file.  As much as I hate to admit it, Al Zim was right!!  The initial meeting (organizational meeting, really) was in April of  '88, and the initial newsletter was sent out in September of that year.  Al and my old friend Ken Hunt (who then worked for Al) were the technical guys, Al held the purse strings, and Walt Reeves was our "publisher".  The dues were a pricey $15 a year.  I found a full-size photo-copy of the original logo we talked about last night, but unfortunately it isn't a very good quality reproduction.  I am going to try to touch it up with a little pen and ink work.